(1) Training provider and location


The training organizer is GLN Sdn Bhd. The course content is made available in digital form and can be learned autodidactically. The trainers are available personally or qualified employees in online and live meetings at regular intervals for questions and exchanges. GLN Sdn Bhd reserves the right to choose the dates for the meetings and the event locations.


(2) Duration of training


The training can be completed within the advertised training period. The GLN Sdn Bhd. delivers the digital lessons at content-coordinated intervals. GLN Sdn Bhd reserves the right to continuously update the content and to organize meetings as required.


(3) Training content


The training imparts the knowledge according to the advertisement. The training enables self-awareness processes and the training of the ability to differentiate and perceive. Warranty claims for defects cannot be derived. A promise of effectiveness is not linked to the teaching or the application of the methods taught. The GLN Sdn Bhd assumes no responsibility for the further life of the participant / client and no guarantee for the expected expectations and hopes. The responsibility for carrying out the recommended measures remains with the person carrying out the work. There are no guarantees of success.


(4) Registration and participation in a specific training course are binding


The registration becomes binding with the confirmation of registration from GLN Sdn Bhd and payment of the training fee. If necessary, GLN Sdn Bhd reserves the right to provide qualified employees for the meetings. The training was a closed unit and must be completed in full in order to achieve the training objective. The meetings (online & live) can be used voluntarily. Participation in the meetings is highly recommended by GLN Sdn Bhd.


(5) Training fee


The training fee can be found on the registration form. The training fee is billed via GLN Sdn Bhd or a payment provider. The training fee paid in advance entitles you to participate in the training. Payment of the training fee entitles the user to use the digital training content and access to online and live meetings.


(6) Payment options


The training fee can be paid as a total amount or, according to a separate agreement, in installments. The delivery of the digital training content begins after receipt of payment. If the training fee is not paid in full, there is no entitlement to the training content and the participant undertakes to irretrievably delete training content that has already been received. If the installment payment is interrupted, the delivery of the training content will be stopped.


In the event of default in payment, all reminder and collection charges incurred are to be borne, and default interest at the rate customary in banking will be charged.


(7) Termination and withdrawal


Withdrawal must be made in writing up to two weeks after payment of the training fee. Otherwise there is no entitlement to a refund of the training fee. In the event of withdrawal or premature termination of the training, the training content must be irretrievably deleted. The participant refrains from using the methods taught. Furthermore, the participant waives any right of recourse. 


The training management reserves the right to exclude individual participants from the training with justified reasons. Reasons for exclusion include failure to pay the training fee, serious defamation, harassment, willful damage to property or the like. A waiver of the training fee is excluded in these cases.


(8) Course materials, copyrights, contractual penalty


There are no usage, reproduction or marketing rights to the training content. The training content is only for your own exercise and may not be passed on to third parties. GLN Sdn Bhd, has sole copyright. If the press is interested,GLN Sdn Bhd alone decides whether and to what extent reports are made. The parties already agree on a contractual penalty of up to RM18,000 for each case of infringement.

(9) Code of Conduct


The participant undertakes to use the methods taught for the benefit of the people. Furthermore, the participant undertakes to treat clients and colleagues respectfully and responsibly and to observe the legal framework in his country. If there are gross violations of the code of conduct, GLN Sdn Bhd reserves the right to exclude the graduate from the training events and to remove his access and address from the relevant platforms.


(10) Participant declaration – disclaimer


The participant confirms that he has spoken personally with a trainer from GLN Sdn Bhd before registering and that he has received all the information required for successful participation in the training. By paying the training fee, the participant accepts the terms and conditions and declares that he is physically and mentally healthy and thus able to take responsibility for participating in the training. Furthermore, the participant assures that they are on average physically and mentally resilient. GLN Sdn Bhd is not liable for any damage caused to one another by the participants.


(11) Postponement of the event


The training management reserves the right to postpone or cancel meetings if the number of participants is too low or for other compelling reasons (illness). The participant cannot derive any further rights from this derive. There is no entitlement to a specific training manager or a specific catch-up date.


(12) Data protection


The contact details of the participants in a training course are managed by GLN Sdn Bhd in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2010, on 15th November 2013. The participants are included in the newsletter mailing list (invitation to meetings, etc.)and can unsubscribe at any time.


(13) Legal system and place of jurisdiction


If parts or individual formulations of the General Terms and Conditions no longer or not completely correspond to the current legal situation, the remaining parts remain unaffected in their content and validity. The parties agree to the application of Law of Malaysia. 

Note: GLN Sdn Bhd = Global Leadership Network Sdn Bhd